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About The Art

About The Art

The collection has a total supply of 3333 Kozy Koalas chilling on the Solana blockchain. Every Koala is unique, meaning that every single one is different from its counterparts. All Koalas are rare, but some are rarer or even legendary. The traits are algorithmically composed by a rarity distribution that we set during development.

70% of the collection has basic traits such as the beanie, the longsleeve shirt, or sad eyes etc.

20% of the collection has rare traits which are much cooler such as the Solana puffer jacket or the Doom Mask.

The last 10% of the collection has legendary traits such as astronaut suit and helmet or the royal robe and crown.


Road Map

1. Creating KozyDAO

Our values, such as kindness and resourcefulness, will create a unique space for people to connect and build in web3. We want to invite all creators, builders, developers, and artists to join our collective.

In addition a portion of the mint will go to the DAO wallet where we will vote what to do with it. We could donate it to charities and help make a difference, help fund upcoming DeFi/NFT projects, or invest in blue chips. The possibilities are endless.

2. Kozy Donation

KozyDAO will be sending 10% of the mint profits to NAMI, the National Alliance on Mental Illness.

The donation will be made under the KozyDao name. This year has been hard on many of us, especially the younger generation. Let's help make the world a better place in 2022.

3. KozyDAO Accelerator

Our DAO aims to support young creatives and developers in their web3 endeavors. We want to change the lives of young people.

KozyDAO will partner with young creators to help them launch their web3 projects! We will connect the artists with reliable devs, discord mods, marketers etc. We will then launch their project.

Our DAO will take a cut of each launch. Kozy Koalas NFT holders will receive a portion of the profits from each initial launch!! This is where the real value will be created.